zz_Try out the SSW SophieBotv

Try out the SSW SophieBot (old version)

1. Select the bot platform of your choice:


SSW SophieBot can track who is in and out of the office by connecting to your Ubiquiti UniFi controllers.


See what our SSW SophieBot can do

1. Type "Who works in Melbourne?"

2. Type "Who knows Azure?"

or “Who has Azure experience?”

3. Type "I need to talk to a DevOps expert in Melbourne"

4. Type "Who is Gabriel George?"

5. Type "What is Uly’s mobile?"

6. Type "What’s Uly’s email?"

7. Type "Is Anthony Nguyen booked or free?"

or “Is Anthony Nguyen free?”

or “What is Anthony Nguyen doing?”

8. Type "Show me William’s skills"

or “What does William know?”

or “I need to see William’s skills”

9. Type "Who is working on SugarLearning?"

10. Type "Who is on client work?"

11. Type "Who is free next Friday?"

12. Type "Who is on client work next Friday?"

13. Type "Who is free next Friday in Melbourne with Angular skills?"

14. Type "Who is working for SSW Today?"

15. Type "Who is in the Sydney office right now?"

16. Report a bug - Type "Hey this is broken"

Enjoy with your own commands!